We are excited to share with you the various ways in which the ACTRIS programm is reaching out to make a positive impact. Our mission is to promote awareness, education, and engagement on important issues that affect us all.

ETH students visit the Payerne National Facility

The ETH course “Praktikum Atmosphäre und Klima” was held in 2022 at the Swiss Midland National Facility in Payerne, with the aim of giving Bachelor students hands-on experience with atmospheric measurements in the field. Students analyzed and interpreted the results and compared their observations with those collected for the ACTRIS network.

Magazine profile: in situ aerosol montioring at the Jungfraujoch Observatory

The 5232 magazine — the magazine of the Paul Scherrer Institute — recently dedicated an issue to atmospheric research activities at PSI. This issue includes a profile of the in situ aerosol monitoring activities performed at the Jungfraujoch Observatory.

The profile is available online in German and French.