Aerosol remote sensing at Payerne

AERONET Inversion Data from Payerne

Monthly aerosol size distribution and single scattering albedo (SSA) data for Payerne inverted from AERONET Almucantar scans (Data level 1.5; source link)

Cloud in situ observations in Payerne

Concentrations of Ice-Nucleating Particles (INPs) measured in Payerne. INPs are a small but important part of the total aerosol — they are the particles responsible for ice formation in clouds. Responsible partner: IAC, ETH.

Aerosol in situ observations in Payerne

Aerosol number size distributions

The number size distributions of aerosol particles measured in Payerne with a mobility particle size spectrometer (MPSS) and an aerodynamic particle sizer (APS). The colours indicate the number concentrations of particles of a given size: reds mean high particle concentrations while blues indicate low particle concentrations. The particle sizes are indicated on the y-axis scale (mobility diameter). Responsible partner: PSI.

Aerosol chemical composition

Mass concentrations of chloride, ammonium, nitrate, organics, and sulphate measured in Payerne with an Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor (ACSM). These measurements help us to determine the types of aerosols found in Payerne and where they come from. The last 30 days of measurements along with ACSM instrument diagnostics can be viewed here. Responsible partner: PSI.