About the project

ACTRIS-Switzerland is the Swiss node of the ACTRIS European Research Infrastructure Consortium

The ACTRIS network aims to deepen our understanding of climate change and air pollution by producing high-quality observation data on short-lived atmospheric constituents such as atmospheric aerosols, reactive trace gases, and clouds.

ACTRIS-Switzerland makes an outstanding contribution to this network thanks to its combination of advanced research facilities and its exceptional geographical location covering the central Alps.


Contributing to ACTRIS with several exploratory platforms.

Jungfraujoch Facility
Trace gas in situ observations in Beromünster

Project Partners

PSI Paul Scherrer Institut
pmod wrc
Universität Bern

News & Events

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PMOD-WRC is officially approved as a new unit of the ACTRIS Center of Aerosol Remote Sensing

It’s official. After receiving the approval of the ACTRIS General Assembly in November 2023, the Physikalisch-Meteorologisches Observatorium Davos, World Radiation Center, Switzerland (PMOD-WRC) is now officially a new unit of the ACTRIS Center of Aerosol Remote Sensing (CARS). The main…

Payerne observations help to unravel the complicated climate impacts of agriculture

The climate and environmental impacts of agriculture are complicated. A new study performed in Finland and led by Dr. Lubna Dada from the Paul Scherrer Institute has shown that vapours such as ammonia and amines emitted from farmland can go…

CzechGlobe visits ACTRIS Switzerland for an ATMO-ACCESS Trans-National Access (TNA) training workshop

A delegation of four scientists from CzechGlobe visited ACTRIS Switzerland for a training and exchange workshop this week. Empa and PSI provided the delegation insights into their various activities ranging from the long term observations of trace gases and aerosols…

Abstract submission for the ACTRIS Science Conference 2024 is now open!

The ACTRIS Science Conference 2024 will be held in Rennes, France from 13 to 16 May, 2024. The conference welcomes contributions that span the entire spectrum of ACTRIS scientific activities. The abstract submission process is open from now until 7…